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Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

These stuffed animals are adorably soft, and recite prayers when squeezed. With a variety of animals and prayer to chose, there's an option for everyone.

Wooden Rosary

Wooden Rosary

These are the perfect gift for a meaningful toy for a baby to play with while at church. Get them started recognizing the Rosary at an early age. With bright colors and soft beads to chew, these are a favorite amongst infants.

Beginner Bible

Beginner's Bible

Tired of reading the same store before bed each night? Start reading the bible with your baby and have a new story every night. Written in a simplified manner to keep kids' attention with fun colorful pictures on every page.

Angel Night Light

Guardian Angel Night Light

Let their Guardian Angel light up their room at night with this gorgeous white night light. Perfect for a dresser of nightstand.

Crib medal

Crib Medal with Crucifix

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping in cribs. Why not make sure they are protected from evil with a Crib Medal and a crucifix in their room.

Available in PINK and BLUE

1st year Frame

Noah's Ark 1st Year Frame

Watch as your baby grows with this Noah's Ark picture frame. With a small frame for each month and a larger 1 year photo in the center, you can show off just how adorable they are and were in one place.

Lamb night light

Lamb Night Light

Night lights don't have to be awkward in a baby's room. With this adorable lamb night light, keep the cuteness factor of their decorations while lighting the way at night.

Godparent Frame

Godparent's Picture Frame

Godparent's play an important role in your child's life. Keep them on display with this Godparent's picture frame.

Keepsake Box

Sacrament Keepsake Box

You'll want to save all sorts of things as your baby grows. Keep their important keepsakes in the box. Pull it out and show off their first haircut, baptismal candle, first communion cards, and more as they grow with it.

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We Baptize You

We Baptize You

Enjoy a gorgeously illustrated and written book as you pray with and for your child. Includes room for pictures and important information about their Baptism.

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